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Books and Other Recommendations 

These are useful resources for parents and caregivers on the journey toward respectful childcare and personal growth.

Visible Child

This blog is a no-nonsense approach to seeing things from your child's perspective. It has helped me so much in providing the dignity, respect, and care my children deserve.

Raising Human Beings

If you find yourself stuck inside of power struggles this book is amazing. It helped me learn how to move from a mindset of "my plan" to "our plan".

Kids Eat in Color

Jennifer Anderson's blog and Instagram are powerful in helping us sustain lifelong healthy eating habits as a family.

The Awakened Family

This book revolutionized my life. I love it because it puts the focus and power back to where it should be: the adults. 

Little Hearts Gentle Parenting

L.R. Knost is insightful and moving. She guides us through respectful parenting practices with ease and understanding.

Janet Lansbury

Janet is an amazing RIE educator and parenting advocate. Her podcast, blog, and books are a must-read.

Child of Mine

This book is essential for learning how to create enjoyable family meals and healthy eating habits.

Precious Little Sleep

This one is great for first-time parents. I learned how to create a wonderful sleep space and provide sleep routines at each age.

No Bad Kids

No Bad Kids will help you to understand and respond to toddler emotions and tantrums.

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk

If you could read only one book in your whole parenting career, read this one! 

Elevating Childcare

This is a great place to begin your respectful childcare journey.

Peaceful Parent Happy Child

I love this book because it has practical examples for learning how to play and connect with children. 

Dr. Steve Hodges

Dr. Steve Hodges is a Pediatric Urologist who specializes in potty training. His work gives me motivation to wait for readiness and put no pressure around potty training.  

Siblings Without Rivalry 

If you work with multiple children, this book is a life-saver for navigating fighting, jealousy, and conflict. 

Dare to Lead

Brene Brown is insightful and inspiring. She helped me to work out some deep-rooted shame I was holding onto. This empowered me so I do not pass a culture of shame to my children.

Calm App

Enormous amounts of creativity and inspiration have unfolded for me after using the calm app. Also, it is so vital for maintaining a patient, calm inner world while parenting two toddlers. 

Big Magic

You will not find a more moving and powerful book to help you live life to the fullest. I started my blog after reading this book. It changed my life.

The Gottman Institute

This site offers serious relationship advice. If you and your partner are struggling in your relationship or in parenting together, this is the place to be.


Two Year Old

These books go through ages 0-12. I recomend reading each book as your child grows. These are outdated, espically with regard to disipline. What is import to learn is the typical development and temperment at each age. 

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