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Back to School Essentials

I decided to create a list of handy essentials for back-to-school because this year is going to be a BIG deal! Some children haven't been in school for an entire year! Think about the excitement, anticipation, fear, and anxiety that comes after just one summer break. Now multiply that X4 then sprinkle the disruption, loneliness, and uncertainty of living through a pandemic.

More than ever we need to be calm, confident, and prepared leaders for our children. To help, I made this essentials list, and don't forget to check out 7 Steps For a Smooth Transition Back to School.

These Bentgo Boxes are AMAZING! They are easy for little fingers to open and they keep foods separate for picky eaters.

Want to spark excitement and joy in your child? Get them their very own lunch box. My child carries his around everywhere and proudly packs it, "All by myself".

School is Different This Year And That's Okay is a great way to open a conversation about the changes your child will find at school.

Kindergarten Here I Come is a friendly and fun introduction to this huge milestone.

The Kissing Hand is a heartfelt classic. Read this any time you will be missing each other from far away. It reminds our kids that they can take our love with them everywhere they go.

If you have young children Maisy Goes to Preschool will excite and delight your brave little learner.

When I miss you will model empathy and courage to empower your child through this big transition.

School's first day of school is perfect for teaching your child about different areas of the school and what they are used for. Read this one before your first school tour or "Meet the Teacher" night.

This magnetic tiles building playset is amazing! Kids can create the school including classrooms, gym, cafeteria, and more. This is perfect for acting out play scenes in the bigger more intimidating areas at school. There is evidence supporting the therapeutic benefits of entering a play scene with your child. Act out their anxiety and fear with them before during and after the big day.

Look how cute this dino backpack is! It's making me so excited for the fall when I can dress up the boys for their first day!

This art kit includes everything you will need to draw/scribble/write about your feelings, experiences, and what you're most excited about. The many benefits of art therapy include promoting "positive perspectives on one's life." I would argue a positive outlook is one of the most important gifts we can give our children during this time. Drawing can be especially helpful for young children who are still developing language and impulse control.

I wish you the best of luck in your back-to-school journey! We can do this! Leave a comment and let me know what your must-have back-to-school items are.

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