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How-To Get Your Baby to Sleep Independently

If you're sleep deprived, desperate, and at your wits end I'm with you. I have been there, twice. Now I have an 18-month-old and a 3-year-old who sleep independently all through the night and have at least a 2-hour nap everyday.

I made it through those terrible, stinky, enraging trenches and I want to help you make it through too. I wish I had know these tricks earlier with my first child.

Creating a calm, quiet, dark, and safe sleeping space for your baby is the key to healthy lifelong sleep habits for the whole family. Here are some things that you are ABSOUTELY going to need.

Why get a noise machine?

  • It Plays continuously-when a TV or CD turns off it wakes the baby up.

  • It protects the baby from disturbances like traffic or other people in the house.

Why black-out curtains?

  • Establish a circadian rhythm

  • Sleep-in longer

  • Light makes us feel awake and energized.

Why swaddle or sleep sack?

  • Swaddles make babies feel safe and warm.

  • Sleep Sacks are safe for babies who can roll or are older than 3 months.

  • Blankets are not safe for babies.

Why have their own space?

  • A separate sleep space protects your baby from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

  • Establishishes independent sleep habits

  • Studies show parents and children who sleep separately report more hours and higher quality sleep.

*Doctors and sleep specialists recommend a smaller sleep space like a bassinet in your room for the first four months. This worked so well for us!

This book saved my family. I owe my sanity and the life-long healthy sleep habits my children will have to this book. Serioulsy.

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